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"If an investigative agency such as the FBI presents a case occurring within our jurisdiction to our office for presentation to a grand jury, we will do just that. If an offense has occurred, we will prosecute it, which is what a prosecution authority is supposed to do."

Sour critics
As much as I enjoy hearing deserving music acts get ruthlessly lambasted in the Observer each week, I feel that the general bitterness of tone in all the music reviews is so hateful and uncalled-for that it destroys the credibility of those writing it. It really must suck to have to write about the myriad of pretentious, derivative, and attention-starved local and touring acts that are paraded through local venues. Sellout hacks like Deep Blue Something deserve what they get, but why write off every gigging band, record label, and club in town?

Too often in your pages, praise is heaped only on bands that have long since dissolved or haven't recorded anything yet. It's as if the Observer's critics can't commit to endorsing a band that has a few fans or, heaven forbid, a following. Particularly annoying is the standard practice of dismissing touring acts by describing their most annoying fan's behavior at the show.

Please don't ridicule talented acts simply because they didn't write their material with you in mind.

Tom Lauerman
Via e-mail

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