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There are many chilling aspects to the article about Saipan. Had Armey and DeLay walked into this situation blind, they could approach being excused except in terms of stupidity. But no excuse is available to them. Should there be a single element of truth in the article, it would be plenty to condemn the mainland American participants in such a blatant case of the violation of the human rights of other defenseless persons, sucked in by way of subterfuge. The manifest manipulation of U.S. tax laws, not to mention those related to country of manufacture, adds fuel to the fire.

Armey is such a sacred cow to too many of his constituents that numerous previous attempts to approach reason, if not a dialogue on the facts as seenThe Saipan window allows the destruction of decent jobs with decent pay on the mainland for American workers. The known corporations cited in the article utilizing such a cut-rate supply of goods for retail sales should be susceptible to economic pressure from consumers who also maintain a higher standard of human decency than that demonstrated by Armey and DeLay.

In this local desert environment, you once a week provide us with access to some sustenance in trying to be better-informed citizens.

Marvin C. Steakley
Via e-mail

The March 5 restaurant review of Water Street Seafood Co. misidentified the owner of this Texas restaurant chain. The restaurant was launched and is operated by Brad Lomax. We regret the error.

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