Lettuce Now Consider Our Latest Activist Doings: PETA to Hand Out Meatless Weenies!

If nothing else, this is proving to be a very good week for cheapskate vegetarians (or, really, people who just like free food). Because, like I said Monday, at week's end the folks responsible for yesterday's egg-stremely productive protest at the West Village Albertsons will be back at the DART West End station passing out "tasty vegan alternatives" to interested passers-by. (And no, not these tasty vegan alternatives.) But before that, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' lettuce ladies will be camped out in front of Dallas City Hall tomorrow handing out veggie dogs. Why? Because we're a fat city.

From the release:

To ensure that its low-calorie message reaches high places, PETA has invited the mayor and other city leaders and employees to join in on the fun. ... "Dallas residents' love affair with meat may be making them fat--and could literally be killing them," says PETA Lettuce Lady Lauren Stroyeck. "The smartest thing that they can do for their health, their appearance, the planet, and animals is to go vegetarian."

Sorry, though: No shower. Look, Rudy, free lunch!

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