Lights Out!

Over on The Ticket, Mike Rhyner (aka "Baseball Jesus", the cockiest nickname in the history of sports, by the way) is quick to identify the "catastrophic moment." The play/incident/injury/whatever that signals the beginning of the end each Texas Rangers' season.

Over the past 37 years it's usually been multiple choice. But what about this one?

Though the Rangers are still above .500 and still tied for the lead in the American League West, we have a candidate.

June 13.

Coming off a 6-0 shutout of the best team in baseball the night before, the Rangers were breathing rarified air. Record of 35-25 with a 4 1/2-game lead on the Angels. On a gorgeous Saturday night in Arlington pitcher Scott Feldman was again mesmerizing the Los Angeles Dodgers, allowing only three hits and no runs through five innings.

That's when the lights went out. The Rangers are still fumbling in the dark to find their offensive socket.

After a dark delay of an hour and 41 minutes, the Dodgers beat the Rangers, 3-1, sending Texas into a spiral it has yet to slow down, much less stop. Since the lights went out, the Rangers are 2-7 and have scored just 27 runs in 77 innings.

An omen? Another sign Tom Hicks is in desperate financial shape? Or just a dark moment in an otherwise bright season?

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