Lights Out

In the Squeezing Blood from a Stone filings at the United States Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, it seems there are still a few folks who want some scratch from what remains of the Entertainment Collaborative. In January, U.S. District Judge Harlin DeWayne Hale officially chopped down venerable Deep Ellum venue Trees, handing over possession of the building to landlord Morton Rachofsky, who apparently prefers seeing the joint empty and abandoned than full of people who might make him enough money to pay the back rent owed him, but, hey, that's his business. Now, the E.C.--or what's left of it, which is pretty much Whit Meyers--has to return to Hale's courtroom on April 14, when attorneys representing Cirro Energy show up and demand the $49,566.52 the company claims it's owed "for unpaid postpetition electrical services." Good luck with all that: In its most recent financials filed with the court, the E.C. claims to have a total of $16,157 in the bank. Seriously, that can't be right. --Robert Wilonsky


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