Listen With Your Eyes

So, the Gypsy Tea Room's damned near done for -- closing March 31, in case you forgot. We've been expecting word for weeks about what the joint has planned for closing night but never got the news, and the club's Web site ain't much help: It still says TV on the Radio's playing April 4 and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists are performing two days later, even though both shows were long ago moved to the Granada Theater. So, till we hear otherwise, we expect the Plain White T's will fill the closing-night slot...and then, adios. It's sort of the alternarock version of going out with a whimper. (Update: We were just notified by a former GTR staffer: "Sadly, there will be no party.")

But here's a nice farewell of sorts: For nine years or so, Frank Campagna's been painting the coming-attraction murals on the side of the club, and a few days ago posted to YouTube a multi-part film, or sorts, featuring in alphabetical order most of the artwork that has adorned the side of the GTR damned near since its inception. Part One of the film's here; Part Two is after the jump; and we assume a Part Three's on the way. --Robert Wilonsky

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