Lists of Local Cities Better Than Dallas

Two awkwardly worded lists today: "Top Suburbs to Live Well," courtesy Forbes; and "The 100 best places to live and launch," so sayeth Fortune. Forbes, shocker, picks Highland Park and University Park as Dallas' top suburbs -- Plano too, with its "median household income of $77,038" and DART stops. And, really, nice photo, Mr. Harkin.

As for the Fortune round-up, ain't no mention of Dallas nowheres -- though Fort Worth does rank awfully high on the list of 100, coming in at No. 9 primarily because of its "business-friendly government." As in, "The city presents a number of opportunities for small businesses, including an abundance of incentives and a laid-back tax structure." But Georgetown, just outside of Austin, ranks seven slots higher -- something to do with "entrepreneurial camaraderie." And the fact it's a real purty place to live. --Robert Wilonsky

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