Local Woman Mad For Mad Men, or: Help a Dallas Actress Get a Small Part on a Big TV Show

Perhaps you've heard of Tiffany Lonsdale,

who counts

among her stage-and-screen credits

Bedroom Farce at Theatre Three

, several commercials and a few indie productions. Clearly, she has plenty of friends: Many of them have e-mailed in recent days begging us to push her attempt to land a walk-on role on

Mad Men

, which you may have heard of (something to do with having sex with cigarettes at an ad agency run by Liz Lemon's boyfriend and the ghost of John Kennedy).

Seems there's some kind of online poll underway wherein Lonsdale has racked up an impressive 8,984 votes thus far. Problem is, she's way behind first-place vote-getter Carolina Monte Rosa of Baltimore, sitting awful pretty with 109,213 votes. (Second place hasn't even cracked the 32,000-vote mark.) Unfair Park's good, but, I am afraid, not that good. Prove me wrong.

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