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Locals Gettin' All Anti-War Protest Song Up in This Mother

Always thought Ben Fleming sounded a little like Neil Young, come to think of it ...

A good Friend of Unfair Park directs our attention this evening to Neil Young's Living With War Web site, where there are listed nearly 2,000 anti-war songs submitted from performers all around the globe, by which I mean the U.S. and Canada, more or less. They're ranked, says the site, by popularity, and our Friend points out that sitting at No. 280 is a catchy little '60s-sounding ditty called "New World Disorder Blues" by none other than locals Blackheart Society, who, as we've pointed out before, aren't opposed to dipping a little rabble and rousing into their rock and roll.

Says on the Neil Young site the song's by Ben Fleming, who's the Society's frontman, when it' sounds to us like a full-band affair. Me, I dig the thing -- hasn't been a Bob Dylan song like it since '66, give or take. Oh, and it says on the Society's MySpace page the band has 22 songs recorded for an upcoming album, though more are being written as we speak. Till then, "Disorder" 'tis. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus MP3: Blackheart Society,

"New World Disorder Blues"

"New World Disorder Blues"

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