If you remember Tom "Pepe Lopez" Foote, your just wish you could, then there's no reason why you shouldn't be at the Bar of Soap tonight for the Loco Gringos tribute.

Loco for Loco Gringos?

Count yourself among the oldest and most haggard of the Dallas music scene if you get excited about this one: Bar of Soap hosts a tribute to Loco Gringos tonight, and--oh, Lordy--Rev. Horton Heat is scheduled to play along with a dozen other local bands. Doesn't seem to be any anniversary or particular event tied to the show (and we didn't even get a warning about it until a day ago), which is probably how the band's late lead singer Tom Foote ("Pepe Lopez") would've wanted it, anyway. Expect to hear 12 different covers of "Nurture My Pig" and a whole lot of stories, like this one written by contributor Jeff Liles in last year's adios to Trees:

"Who could forget the anniversary of the death of Loco Gringos' frontman Pepe Lopez? Rev. Horton Heat hosted a 'seance' that turned into a drunken open-mike confessional featuring 'Dookie' (the late, smack-addicted, cross-dressing saxophonist from '80s Ellum favorites Daylights) and a twisted testimonial from born-again club owner Russell Hobbs. Things turned surreal as Hank Tolliver from Bar of Soap seized the microphone and drunkenly recited the lyrics to the Gringos' 'Nurture My Pig' while Turns ran his voice through an octave divider and frequency pitch generator. It sounded like Darth Vader channeling The Chipmunks inside Carlsbad Cavern. Chairs and empty beer bottles were thrown, bewildered audience members screamed at the stage and each other, and somewhere, Pepe kicked back with a can of Schaffer's and smiled down on it all."

I might stop by, but only after seeing Oakley Hall and Constantines at Sons of Hermann Hall, the hands-down best concert anywhere around town tonight. Sample their songs with the provided links if you need convincing, or check out our interview with Constantines lead singer Steve Lambke. See ya there! No, really. I'd better see you there. --Sam Machkovech

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.