Logrolling In Our Time

A former professor of mine at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Stephen Fried, has just released his fourth book, and while it has nothing to do specifically with Dallas, it’s a great read for any married man -- or any married woman. Fried, who is best known for his investigative work in such places as GQ and Vanity Fair, is a wickedly funny guy, both in person and on the printed page.

His latest book, Husbandry, is a collection of his best columns from a regular series that runs in Ladies Home Journal called “Heart of a Husband.” The book is a great read -- it’s funny and touching and enlightening. It touches on heavy topics (osing a father, dealing with divorce) and light ones (the difficulty men have loading the dishwasher, their disregard for fashion as they age and what the hell they talk about while they’re standing naked in the gym locker room). You know, all the stuff women are dying to know about men. So check it out. --Jesse Hyde

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