Lone Star's Still Shooting in Dallas. For Now. (Update: Not Anymore. It's Been Canceled.)

Last night, if-you-don't-watch-my-show-we-kill-this-dog Kyle Killen wasn't the only one waiting to see if more than 4.1 million viewers tuned in to the second episode of FOX's Lone Star. As Dallas Film Commissioner Janis Burklund noted on her Facebook page shortly before the 8 p.m. kick-off, "Now we all hold our collective breath for the overnights ..." Alas, they're in -- and, sadly, the new numbers are even worse than last week's, with about 3.8 million watching the Austin writer's Houston-and-Midland-set, Dallas-shot series about the con man with the heart of gold. Which isn't the worst part: The numbers reveal a steep drop from the first half hour to the second. And that, right there, that's a damned shame.

As Friend of Unfair Park Howard Wen noted Friday, there's a petition calling for more time -- a whole 2,581 folks have signed it. Who knows what FOX will do now -- which ain't stopping the likes of Forbes from writing its own what-went-wrong coroner's report. Perhaps FOX's head of entertainment, Kevin Reilly, will take Howard's advice: "I say if the ratings for episode 2 stink, then FOX should pull it from the schedule, put it and the production crew on hiatus, and make an honest attempt to sell it to another media partner, like DirecTV or ComCast, to fund the remaining 13, and then they get to air it on satellite/cable."

Last night's episode -- tense and thrilling and smart and sexy, everything most hourlong dramas are decidedly not -- follows for those who missed it. Which means you and you and you and you and you and you and you.

Update at 5:13 p.m.: FOX just sent out a release announcing the third season of Lie to Me, which debuts October 4 at 8 p.m. Says the release, "The new season of LIE TO ME replaces the previously announced episodes of LONE STAR." And there you have it.

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