Look, All I Need's a Million. Pay Ya Back, Swear Ta God.

Look, All I Need's a Million. Pay Ya Back, Swear Ta God.

The Round House on Baxtershire Drive -- which I've always thought would make a great set piece for a James Bond movie, retro porn or, more recently, an Entourage episode -- is for sale. For $1,075,000, sure, but it still seems like a bargain for this legendary abode built over six years, with construction completed ca. 1962. From the Briggs-Freeman description: "A thin ribbon of ceramic tiles dipped in 24-karat gold meanders through the house, traversing across the top edge of the curved entry wall and slicing vertically down the side of a bedroom." And, really, wouldya look at that pool area -- all 2,460 square feet of it, which can't be right, can it? Swear I'll pay you back, swear. --Robert Wilonsky

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