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Two Texans down--those would be, from left, former Dallasite Patrice Pike and current local Zayra Alvarez--and one to go.

Look at Little Sister

Tuesday night on Rock Star: Supernova, Patrice Pike jumped at the chance to perform an original song for the members of Supernova—a bit-too-happy ditty titled "Beautiful Thing." Tommy Lee offered that they could make it work if they dropped it down in key and darkened it up, but the performance landed her in the bottom three last night. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the Pretenders' "Middle of the Road" was perhaps a bad choice as a save-my-ass selection, since the whole time my viewing buds and I were thinking, Yeah, middle of the road, that's a fair description of her performances up to this point. Despite a bleeding lip (presumably from a mike hit during her stage prancing) the performance was less rock and more roll-on-outta-here. And that she did. The band announced that Toby was (unfortunately) safe, leaving Patrice to face Magni, the Icelandic rock god. And she didn't stand a chance. Her fourth visit to the bottom three was her last.

Now, we must change the title once again. Dilana Watch 2006. The firey South African-Houstonian songstress is making Texas proud with her dead-on instincts and amazing performances. Tuesday, she knocked the Police's "Every Breath You Take" out of the park, even getting a little impish and changing the hums at the end of the song to repeating her own name. Unfortunately, and we have a feeling reality TV editing is behind this one, Dilana was made out to be a big ol' bitch on last night's "Scenes from the Mansion" reel. She said some catty things to other contestants and back-stabbed in mock press interviews. Her targets were beloved rockers Ryan and Lukas, so Dilana's performance next week will need to be balls-out, over-the-top amazing to keep her on top. --Merritt Martin

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