This is Delta Keoninh's dream. And the rest of America's too.

Look, Who Doesn't Want Some of Mark Cuban's Money?

How is it someone hasn't come up with this before? It's not like folks aren't always asking Mark Cuban for spare change (like, ya know, a hundred thou) all the time. But far as we can tell, HelpMeMarkCuban.com marks the first time someone's launched a Web site to beg for some of the billionaire's dough.

And, far as we can tell, it's no joke. Delta Keoninh, the woman who launched the site, writes in an e-mail she's sending to, apparently, everyone who has a name, "It's no joke." So...see? (Update: It's at least as real as this popular story of monkey love making the local rounds this a.m.)

Keoninh says she launched the site because, well, "desperate times call for desperate measures." Seems she needs about $100,000-plus to get into Columbia University's School of Nursing in June. "As you might assume, the world class education & training is EXPENSIVE," she writes. "My passion is to serve. I want to leave a MARK. I want to make an impact. As a family nurse practitioner after graduation, I will work to provide high-quality and affordable healthcare in medically underserved communities in hopes of closing the opportunity gaps for other families and their children. I feel that if Mark Cuban could help me begin my journey toward effecting change, I would in turn be able to give back a million-fold."

Not sure Cuban responds well to guilt, but, hey, good luck with all that. There's plenty more about Keoninh on her site -- including a lenghty bio and more of her impassioned plea. There's also a shindig this weekend at Lee Harvey's -- a sorta kick-off. And word is ESPN and others are looking into doing a story on the story behind the site, though that's second-hand e-mail info, which means maybe some guy from ESPN the Magazine called about selling Delta a subscription. Too bad you didn't think of it first, right? Right. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.