Looking Back at Some Other Local Music MTV Moments (Not All Involving the Toadies, Swear)

I see our music blog's celebrating MTV's 30th today by ticking off a few Dallas-music-related moments featured on the former music network over the years. I have since reminded our music editor: I'm old. So old I recall off the top of my bald head a few that were left off the list -- like, say, the time Tripping Daisy hosted 120 Minutes in August '95, with Special Guests the Toadies. Or the time the Toadies performed on Jon Stewart's talk show (I still have a copy of the ginormous VHS cassette-and-case Jeff Liles gave me 16 years ago). Or the time Beavis and Butt-head went after the Toadies.

Back when MTV only played videos (and, according to Gawker, just remembering that makes me old), it was actually quite The Big Deal when local bands got their shot on the network -- most, via 120 Minutes. The 120 Memories Tumblr has quite a few of 'em, including Reverend Horton Heat's "Psychobilly Freakout," which aired in '92, and the Daisy's "I Got a Girl," which went into regular rotation rather quickly following its debut, if memory serves, triggering a tidal wave of envy amongst other local bands. Hagfish was soon to follow.

Another high-water mark: Pantera's '91 appearance on Headbanger's Ball, followed three years later by a daylong hang with Riki Rachtman at Texas Stadium in 1994. Somewhere in the dead-tree archives is my account of that lost afternoon. Oh ... and how about Erykah Badu's 1997 episode of Unplugged? Can't forget that. Or that night in '95 when MTV broadcast R.E.M.'s Reunion Arena set live; we were sitting close and instructed to act extra excited for the cameras, which, blessedly, only shot the first few songs.

Anyway. I'm no good with top-whatever lists. So jump and watch the aforementioned memories on the other side at your leisure. No doubt I forgot a fe ... oh, I just remembered: In 1989, Edie Brickell and New Bohemians were nominated for Best New Artist at the VMA's. Along with, among others, Paula Abdul. Now that's a video you really oughta see. So let's.

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