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Lowe Blow: Get Motivated! Co-Founder Says Dubya Was "Inspirational," Not a "Caricature"

Seems Tamara Lowe, one half of the couple behind Monday's Get Motivated! sell-or-be-sold hoedown at the Fort Worth Convention Center, isn't too keen on the coverage of the event. Her peoples have sent word that Lowe wants to right the media's wrongs: Per the press release freshly landed in the Unfair Park in-box: "President George W. Bush delivered an inspirational, articulate and engaging speech at a Get Motivated seminar in Fort Worth, Texas on Monday afternoon. The crowd of 15,000 gave him a standing ovation, yet media coverage continues to caricature his performance."

She's lookin' at you, Jon Stewart. You too, Stephen Colbert. You too, Washington Post. You too, Star-Telegram, for reporting that Tamara and Peter Lowe "launched Tampa, Fla.-based Get Motivated Seminars Inc., after Success Events International shut down in 2001, owing millions in unpaid bills and facing complaints from attendees of false advertising." And ... well, you get the idea. Hence, Lowe has made herself available for interviews tomorrow; we've cleared our schedule accordingly.

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Robert Wilonsky
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