Luke Wilson? Sounds Familiar...

My favorite thing about this item are the first two words: "Movie star." I just like the fact someone felt the need to remind people who Luke Wilson is, 'cause God forbid they confuse him with pastry chef Luke Wilson or flamenco instructor Luke Wilson or gas-station attendant Luke Wilson. Everything else about Luke Wilson's demand that Dallas get shot in Dallas (here we go again, Christ almighty) is of the nice-try variety; sorry, but I want Dallas shot in Florida, and looks like I'm gonna get my wish. (Speaking of Luke Wilson movies I have no interest in seeing, and there are many from which to choose, precisely when's The Wendell Baker Story getting released? Oh, you say it's on DVD in the Netherlands? Sorry for asking.) One (cough, cough) news item to come from this: Luke's apparently slated to play Bobby Ewing. Guess that wasn't just a dream I had last night. --Robert Wilonsky

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