Luke Wilson needs a stunt butt. Jessica Alba, probably not.

Luke Wilson Talks Ass

Don't get too excited--he's just talking about his own tuchus and how outta-shape it's gotten and why, for My Super Ex-Girlfriend, he needed a booty double. Fact is, he got to pick his own butt double (henh). No word on whether bro Owen got assigned the same duty for You, Me and Dupree, in which he too had a stunt tushy do his dirty work. But this morning, Slate cracks the case about how much it costs to hire a professional bottom; about $800, give or take, which sounds about right. Why, I have no idea.

Speaking of Los Bros. Wilson, have you visited the Steely Dan Web site to read the open letter to Luke, written by Dan frontmen Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, in which they accuse Owen of ripping off their song "Cousin Dupree"? It's pretty funny and probably only half tongue-in-cheek; dudes got a tour to promote, after all, and the thing's getting major play across the country's finer newspapers. In the missive addressed to Luke, which was typed on stationery from the Residential Suites at Longworth in Corpus Christi and dated July 17, the men praise Bottle Rocket ("it was way rocking!") and take some digs at Owen ("we realize what a drag it is for you to have people coming to you about his lameness all the time") and You, Me and Dupree ("a summer stinkbomb"). But most cruelly, they ask Luke, "Do you want to go down as the brother of the Zal Yanovsky of the 21st century?" Don't know what that means? Go here. Mean, very mean. --Robert Wilonsky

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