LULAC Brands Urban League CEO, and DART Board Candidate, a "Racist"

Beverly Mitchell-Brooks

The North Texas Regional Council of League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) has passed a formal resolution opposing the Dallas Area Rapid Transit board candidacy of Greater Dallas Urban League CEO Dr. Beverly Mitchell-Brooks. The protest is on grounds that she has made public racist remarks about Latinos. Addressed to Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert and the Dallas city council, the resolution states:

“It is our opinion that Dr. Mitchell-Brooks is not the type of person that embraces respect and sensitivity for Latinos.

“During the last couple of years during the great immigration debate, Dr. Mitchell-Brooks, instead of bridging between racial and ethnic groups in our community, has created a hostile environment by her personal beliefs and public comments.

“These comments border on racist attitudes reflected by groups such as the Minutemen and other fringe groups.”
Along with the resolution itself, LULAC is sending the mayor and council a copy of an April 13, 2007, Dallas Morning News story in which Mitchell-Brooks is quoted as follows:

"If people are able to send that type of money back, why can't they pay at Parkland?" said Beverly Mitchell-Brooks, the president and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Dallas. ...

Dr. Mitchell-Brooks also said she has an immigrant friend who likened illegal immigration to standing in a grocery line for those with 15 items or less and then suddenly, 20 people jump in front of you with 20 items or more.

"There are people here who are still waiting for that living wage ... still waiting in that check-out counter patiently for their turn," Dr. Mitchell-Brooks said.

She also questioned whether it was discrimination when a job description called for "bilingual-only" applicants. "Would it be discrimination to put in a job description: English only?" she asked.

Mitchell-Brooks did not return Unfair Park’s call asking for comment.

Ray de los Santos, regional director of LULAC in North Texas, said the resolution was passed at LULAC’s regional convention last weekend. He said the membership wanted to address the issue of vacant seats on the DART board, because DART is “increasingly important in our community.”

De los Santos said “there are plenty of other candidates that would be more palatable.” But he said the LULAC resolution does not endorse anyone else for the post. “We left that to the mayor and council,” he said. --Jim Schutze

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