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We assume the kids'll pay tribute to Blind Lemon Jefferson during their local-music trib. If not, at least throw in some Vanilla Ice, ice, baby.

I'm pretty sure we thought of this first, but never mind that. We're thrilled nonetheless by the e-mail we received a few moments ago from one Danny Balis, who, when he isn't producing "The Hardline," is sorta in Sorta. Danny Boy sends word of a spectacular spectacular scheduled for December 2 at the Sons of Herman Hall in Deep Ellum. Billed as the Reunion Tower Revue, many local musicians of note (heh) will take the stage to perform "songs written by Dallas natives or inspired by the city," which means you could get Peter Schmidt performing Bobby Patterson's "Quiet, Do Not Disturb" or Sorta performing a Ronnie Dawson cut or Shibboleth doing, oh, Last Rites' "You're So Fucking Great (But I Suck)," though I highly doubt the last one.

Scheduled to perform on the bill, which was inspired by local music booker Mike Snider and Dallas homeless advocate and photographer Hal Samples and assembled by members of Sorta and Shibboleth, are the following: Cass Haley (Woodbelly), Salim Nourallah, Jenn Nabb, Marcus Striplin (Pleasant Grove), Sorta (with newest member Chris Holt), Shibboleth and some members of the Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts choir. There are others on the list; more will be added in the days to come. Dallas stand-up comic Dave Little will emcee the shindig.

It doesn't say who's performing what yet--they probably have no idea and won't till, oh, four days beforehand. The point, though, is "to remind people of Dallas' rich musical culture and heritage." Hey, that also sounds familiar. Dunno how much it'll cost yet, but the proceeds will go toward feeding and clothing the homeless, which is very much in the holiday spirit of things. Keep the calendar clear, should be a most special evening. I got $20 for the band that does a Vanilla Ice-Lisa Loeb-England Dan and John Ford Coley medley. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.