Main Street Garden, Between Hard Rock and a Green Space

The missus, the wee one and I are presently sucking in the '70s downtown, where Effects, a riff-rockin' import from Nashville, is warming up the chilly throng-lite for Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights with decent Plant and Page and Joe Walsh offerings original and otherwise. The Dallas Chop House, due to open in Comerica on December 9, is passing out gratis kebobs; the Dallas Fish Market is doling out corn and clam chowder. Kids have filled the playground; dogs, the cement run; the curious frat bro, the grassy knolls. (The main lawn remains soggy and off-limits.) Food and booze and Led Zep well done, and the tree's been lit. Where are you, anyway? No excuse. And I don't even like Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights. 

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Robert Wilonsky
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