Make Your Ears Pretty

I've heard of people who can afford to shop at places other than Forever 21. I know they exist, somewhere. And sometimes I feel like I can even see one or two of them, especially after I've thrown my well whiskey all over their blouses in a fit of jealous rage followed by a long session of crying in a corner. (Good morning, Village Voice!)

But a girl can dream. So one day several months ago, I found myself shopping in the West Village, walking into a little accessories store called Accents. Shiny, glowing earrings and necklaces abounded in vibrant Technicolor, and I ended up actually buying a pair of earrings that have lasted me more than two weeks. In a shocking display of courage, I even gave the nice lady at the counter my e-mail address so she could send me their newsletter. And it is from this week's "Accents Insider Scoop" that I bring you good news: Spend $45 on any Monday or Tuesday this month, and take home a free pair of earrings. It'll make that long haul to Hump Day much more tolerable. --Andrea Grimes

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Robert Wilonsky
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