Making a Very Snap Decision Concerning Norah Jones' New Album

Now this is the only way to listen to any album: Get every single song on the disc, edit each till one till it runs no more than five or six seconds, then post the thing as a "sneak preview." That's what someone's done for the new Norah Jones disc, Not Too Late, which comes out Tuesday. And from this clip-and-save, we learn the following: Some of the songs sound just like cuts from the first two studio albums; one or two could have come from that Little Willies side project; and maybe one or two (like the one we linked to last night) qualify as departures for the former Popolo's pianist. Me, I am gonna do this to every album in my collection, because I ain't got the time to listen to whole songs, much less entire CDs. Except Fool for the City. I would never do that to Fool for the City. --Robert Wilonsky

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