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Manolo Blahnik's Feet Hurt

Hilary Swank and Burt Tansky, president and chief executive officer of the Neiman Marcus Group Saturday night

As we somehow misplaced our invite to last weekend's Neiman Marcus centennial shindig -- at the Cotton Bowl, then at the downtown Dallas flagship -- we're stuck reliving the magic through the ultra-fab reportage and slideshow offered by Women's Wear Daily. Actually, it doesn't look that fab to us, save for the snaps of Hilary Swank on Saturday night -- dazzling in Dior, as Fashion Week Daily might say. (And here are dozens more photos from Saturday night, courtesy the New York Social Diary ... hunh.)

Something about designer-label CEOs sweating on the Cotton Bowl 50-yard-line in fresh-off-the-rack blue jeans and just-bought boots doesn't sound right -- or look it, by the sounds and looks of the rather uncomfy Manolo Blahnik:

"My feet are killing me," he moaned, pointing to his cowboy boots after doing some cha-chas on the sidelines. Why didn't he just design his own? "No time, so I bought these at some shop in town, along with everything else. I've always admired John Wayne."

Chris Isaak, musical guest at the Cotton Bowl, said it best: "We do have other places to go, but it's great to be playing Neiman Marcus. We could have been playing Sears Roebuck." That's next weekend. --Robert Wilonsky

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