Mark Cuban, Joule's Tim Headington Sink Millions Into Company That Tracks Devices

Mark Cuban has taken the $5 million he intended to invest in Turtle and tequila and put his dough-re-mi elsewhere: in something called BlueCava, which tracks every single device you've got hooked up to the Internet, which doesn't sound too Minority Report at all. From the how-it-works: "No two devices are alike. Which is hella' cool because BlueCava has developed an incredibly complex, amazingly fast and totally accurate way of identifying devices and their reputations." (I'll rewrite the copy and drop the "hella" all for a bottle of Avion.)

Long story short, says The Wall Street Journal: BlueCava says it can track who's tracking you so you can tell them to stop. Per CEO David Norris, a computer-science graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas, "We represent a brand new way to disclose to consumers how they can receive targeted advertising." To which Fast Company responds: "How long would it be before government agencies start subpoenaing that kind of information?" The BlueCava press release also IDs oil man Tim Headington, Joule owner and downtown Dallas developer, as an investor -- for how much, it doesn't say. But for his $5 mil, Cuban gets a seat on the board. That's hella cool.

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Robert Wilonsky
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