Mars Blackmon's in Town. For AFI? Nope.

A Friend of Unfair Park noticed this note at the end of ESPN.com's recap of last night's Mavs-Warriors recap:

Movie director Spike Lee, a noted Knicks fan, sat courtside with Mavs owner Mark Cuban. Lee is in town for a film festival.

Can only think of one, but so far no confirmation from AFI Dallas folks. Still, it would make sense: Lee, after all, did direct AFI Dallas Star Award recipient Adrien Brody exactly 10 years ago in Summer of Sam. And Brody will be among those attending tonight's NorthPark Center kick-off with The Brothers Bloom.

Update: John Wildman of the AFI Dallas says, nope, Spike was just in town for basketball. "I didn't even know he was in town," Wildman tells Unfair Park. "ESPN just assumed he was here for the festival." And we all knows what happens when you assume ... Damn you, World Wide Leader.

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