Mary Kay's House for Sale. Must Like Pink. And the "Pink Truth."

On the drive to work this morning, I noticed a house for sale -- and not just any ol' house, but the nice pink one sitting at 8915 Douglas Avenue, which any longtime local can tell you used to be the manse of one Mary Kay Ash. Here's the description from the Ebby Halliday Web site:

OPULENT AND PALATIAL MARY KAY MANSION! Located in coveted Old Preston Hollow of Dallas, Texas on over one acre of manicured lawns, fountains, pools, koi ponds, arboretum like gardens, brazilian teakwood flooring, grand sweeping staircases, statues, arcades of corinthian columns, wine cellar, walls of beveled glass windows, hand painted murals, original pink quartz-marble hardware, indescribable mill work and breathtaking.

And it can be yours for a mere $5.7 mil, which we totally have, give or take $5.7 mil. And in related news, while doing some searching for info about the house, we came across Pink Truth, which you may or may not know is the Web site run by a woman named "Tracy," who identifies herself as a "certified public accountant and fraud investigator who created this site in July 2006 to expose the dismal truth about Mary Kay Cosmetics," which she believes is "a product-based pyramid scheme."

The site's fascinating, filled with internal company e-mails, letters of resignation (one posted this week already has 146 comments) and other "training aids" offered up by Mark Kay execs. And there's even a store, where you can by "Ask me why Mary Kay sucks" T-shirts. Ash-tounding. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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