Mary Suhm Expains to City Council How She'll Try to Save 500 City of Dallas Jobs

As the council begins commenting on the proposed FY2009-2010 budget, one issue comes up time and again: the layoff of 840 city employees, which will begin on Friday. Moments ago, the city manager further explained how the process will work: When the reduction-in-force notices are sent out at the end of the week, employees will also receive a list of jobs the city has available -- some 500, she said, "maybe more."

The laid-off will be able to go online, Suhm said, and begin the "expedited process" of applying for those those jobs through the Civil Service department, which is maintaining a list of unfilled positions. "They will fill out an application and automatically be eligible for all the jobs they're qualified for," she said. "No one else will be able to apply" for those jobs, which will be funded through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, state and enterprise fund monies.

But there will still be 300 to 400 full-timers "on the streets" when all's said and done, Suhm said, and those employees will be offered resume-writing and interview-skills classes through their respective supervisors. Suhm is also not filling some 560 vacant positions, per the proposed budget.

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