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Massive Fire Claims Block That, Till Hours Ago, Was Home to Terilli's, Hurricane Grill, Mick's and Greenville Bar & Grill

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At this very moment, Schutze is down on Lower Greenville, where the block that once housed Terilli's, Hurricane Grill, Mick's and the Greenville Bar & Grill is now a memory courtesy a four-alarm fire that began at Terilli's at 5:45 this morning and spread quickly to the other businesses on the block. KTVT-Channel 11 is streaming live video as Dallas Fire-Rescue tries to keep the fire from spreading. Patrick Michels is down there as well. Updates and photos forthcoming.

Update at 7:20 a.m.: Jason Evans, spokesman for Dallas Fire-Rescue, tells Schutze it's indeed a four-alarm fire, with the first sounding at 5:43 a.m., followed by ones at 5:46, 5:57 and 6:01. There are 72 firefighters on the scene with 12 engines, four trucks and four rescue vehicles. The blaze began at Terilli's then got into the walls and the shared attic that runs through the entire building. Firefighters were yanked out of the building just before the entire roof collapsed.

"They don't have a cause, but they hope to have an answer soon -- like, today," Schutze reports back. One firefighter, who was at the top of a ladder when an explosion of smoke and flame caught him, suffered heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation and was taken to Baylor. Jim says he was told he should be OK.

Update at 7:44 a.m.: I spoke with Avi Adelman, who was on the scene at 6:10 this morning. "When I got there, people were already on the street, some with tears in their eyes. I couldn't believe how big it was. This is bigger than the Arcadia. Not literally -- but this is four major businesses that really take care of their customers, that have been there for years. A lot of people go here every weekend. This is where people met, where they dated, where they got engaged. And right before St. Patrick's? This is gonna hurt."

Update at 10:29 a.m.: For those who don't read comments, a Facebook page has been set up to assist those who lost their jobs this morning. Appropriately, it's called Help Lower Greenville, the purpose of which is "to consolidate any help, donations, job offers or events that will benefit the employees of businesses affected by the fire on Greenville this morning." And Avi has just posted 48 photos he took shortly after the fire broke out.

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