Mayor Miller Demands Recount

To follow up Jim's earlier post about Mayor Laura Miller and husband Steve Wolens' quick turnaround of their AMR Corp. stock, this morning the mayor sent (to Belo bigwigs Bob Mong, Jim Moroney and Robert Decherd and a handful of local journos) another e-mail detailing precisely how much money the couple made from their stock sale. She says Dallas Morning News reporter Dave Levinthal "greatly exaggerated" the gains: Levinthal wrote in his very first sentence that Miller "earned up to $25,000 last year after buying and selling stock" in American Airlines' parent company during her tenure as a member of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Board. Miller writes:

"In actuality, we made $11,824.60 on the sale. Dave never even asked me the question! So it is even more egregious that he would have also ignored the facts (he had painstakingly reported the buy and sell prices for those two days, but never bothered to do the math)."

Miller figures that "by exaggerating my husband's profit by more than double (and being careful not to run this big number by me so I could respond) makes for a juicier story--and a much juicier headline, which was a screamer on the top front of Metro." She's demanding a correction from Dallas' Only Daily, and using the rest of us to force the matter. Maybe she oughta go into journalism. Oh. Right. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.