The mayor today named Betty Culbreath as the next chair of the Dallas Housing Authority board. S'gonna be fun.

Mayor Names New DHA Board Chair. Fascinating.

Just got a call from Mayor Laura Miller, who says she has appointed a new chairperson to the Dallas Housing Authority board. And it's none other than Mayor Laura fave Betty Culbreath, who's currently the chair of the City Plan Commission. Or was the chair, we should say. Just yesterday, Culbreath posted to her blog what amounts to her resignation from the commission. And why did she call it quits?

Well, she writes: "I do not like my Job any more and the Nut Cases that serve with me. There are some very good people on the Commission. I am sorry after surgery and life support I made a decision what I will tolerate and what I will not. I cannot work in a Job I do not like."

So now she has a new one, replacing Guy Brignon, who resigned from the DHA board on Wednesday. Culbreath, incidentally, not so long ago called for "a revolution in Dallas." That was a week after she posted to her blog a call for an FBI investigation into the ouster of DHA's CEO and president Ann Lott -- a post she subsequently removed. This just gets more and more interesting. --Robert Wilonsky

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