Mayor Pro Tem Caraway Got a Little, Um, Carried Away With Official Invitation

Dwaine Caraway has come seriously unglued in recent months, behaving less like a Dallas city council member and more and more like Huey Long. My God. I can't believe some of this stuff. More on this in my column in the paper next week.

But I can't wait that long to share with you this latest piece of Dwainery -- an invitation to a city event, obviously prepared by the city, that reads like an over-the-top electioneering push-card for Mayor Pro Temperor Dwaine. It's after the jump. Go. I'll wait.

I came across a copy of this thing while I was out and about. I sent it to the city and asked what the hell it was.

I sent my question to Caraway, City Attorney Tom Perkins and City Hall spokesperson Frank Librio. I said, "This card (see attachment) has the City of Dallas seal and the seal of the City Attorney's office on it. Is it a City of Dallas publication?"

Librio wrote back this morning.

"A staff member in the City Attorney's Office prepared the announcement regarding the opening of the City's third community court," says he via e-mail. "That person should not have included the background information contained in the card.

"The contents of the card were not reviewed or approved by City Attorney Office management or Mayor Pro Tem Caraway, and should not have been distributed in that form.

"The announcement cards and their mailing were not and will not be paid for with City funds."

Yeah. But they were gonna be.

Oh, and it was all a total surprise to Mayor Pro Tem Caraway? He insists on that title, by the way. It means Mayor Time Being.

Wiggy. Wild. This place feels more and more like Louisiana in the '30s. And you know what I feel sort of guilty about? I love it. I always wanted to live in a place worthy of Robert Penn Warren.
Caraway Invite

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