Mayor Tom Has "Brought the City Together." By a Margin of 53 to 47 Percent.

Matt's got notes from Mayor Tom's victory speech at Gilley's, but first a scene-setter: "There was zero mention of Angela Hunt, which seems weird," says Matt. "Doesn't it seem odd? Seems like the gracious thing to do, to thank her for all her hard work." Also, wonders Mr. P, "It looked like all the council members were on the podium as he spoke, with Veletta Lill as Angela Hunt, kind of. Seems really ... tacky." At least Ron Kirk joined the party only after Leppert invited him.

As for what Mayor Tom said, here are some highlights: "Now is the time to get it done. Now is the time to deliver a project that will change the face of Dallas. And now is the time to do it in a fiscally responsible way." Leppert also claimed the Vote No! side started this fight "20 points behind" Hunt's anti-toll road faction. And: "Twenty years from now, we'll talk about a great park." (Wonders Matt: Because we still won't actually have one?) And: "We'll look back at what has historically been a divide that has now brought our city together." Craig Holcomb just waved at Matt. We're so done here. See you tomorrow. Or, maybe not. --Robert Wilonsky

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