Mayor Tom Is Far From a Guitar Hero

We were highly anticipating seeing Mayor Tom Leppert bust out some rock moves with Guitar Hero III today, but he wussed out. The plan was for the mayor and Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes to duke it out with plastic guitars; only, it evolved into two suits trying too damned hard to be hip ... and completely missing the mark. Both men pulled on T-shirts for the event, because, as we all know, rockers love the black tee. Of course, neither Leppert or Keyes took off his button-down shirt first. Yes, Leppert's was most noticeable as his stiff white collar jutted out of his T-shirt.

We're going to give it up to Keyes, though. He did his damnedest on Alice Cooper's “School's Out” -- on medium, no less. (His video's after the jump.) Mayor Tom, though, didn't do much of anything: He played a few notes of Pat Benetar's “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and then made a kid play for him. He did bust out some, um, interesting “rock” moves a bit later, though. See the video to get the whole picture. At least the whole thing was for charity, right? So be charitable in the comments. Or not. --Chelsea Ide

Mayor Tom Gives It His Best Shot:

Alice Cooper in the Keyes of D-minus:

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