Mazel Tov, Mr. Akinpelu

The June issue of Ebony magazine contains a list of the top graduating African-American high-school seniors in the country. (The link has an incomplete list, but trust me.) "This year's top seniors are remarkable examples of the talent and intellect that today's Black youths possess," claim the editors, who put upon their list just one Dallas student: Idris Akinpelu, the valedictorian of his senior class at the School of Government, Law and Law Enforcement at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center. (Ebony gets the name wrong of Idris' school wrong, referring to it as "the Magnet Center for Public Service Government and Law." And the woman who answered the phone at the school had no idea this was in the new issue of Ebony, which now owes me one.) But Idris sounds like a most deserving recipient: According to the magazine and school officials, he's earned several major intellectual honors, among them scholarships from the National Achievement Scholarship Program, Stephen F. Austin University and the Reader's Digest Foundation. And he's been accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall, which makes him the first DISD student I know of to attend MIT since Nelson Seo graduated with me from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1986. I am sure there have been others, but I did owe Nelson a shout-out. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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