Meaghan Bosch Found -- Dead, Outside of Waco

Two days ago, an e-mail concerning missing SMU student Meaghan Bosch made the rounds and wound up, among many other places, on Unfair Park. Turns out, as everyone in town was posting the missive, Bosch's body was being discovered -- in a portable toilet in Hewitt, a town just south of Waco, where construction workers found Bosch absent obvious signs of trauma. Reports the Associated Press, the last time anyone knew of Bosch's whereabouts was Thursday afternoon -- "when she sent her ex-boyfriend a text message saying she was at the home of a drug dealer."

The Dallas Morning News adds that police have interviewed the dealer, who admitted that he had lunch with Bosch in the mid-afternoon on Thursday. But he says she was never at his house in Dallas. Both stories contain this information: Bosch most likely started using cocaine two months ago. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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