Meanwhile, Back at the Colony Club ...

To date we've shared a few pops with sailors and their dates at Frank Nick's The Nite Spot in '45 and pulled up a chair at the old Plantation on Greenville. Next stop on our eBay tour of legendary Dallas nightspots: Abe Weinstein's Colony Club, which, at this late date, should need no introduction. But for those who'd like a wee bit of the back story, well, we need turn no further than my old friend Josh Alan Friedman:

Abe Weinstein's Colony Club was Dallas's most reputable burlesque from 1939 to 1973. [Jack] Ruby envied this deco cabaret, which seemed to possess the elusive class he so craved.

"My club was a nightclub," says retired owner, Abe Weinstein, now 83. "His was just a joint. I had big names; he had nobody. When he came from Chicago to Dallas in '47, he came up to my club right away. He was told there's a Jew runs a club, that's how I met him."

Ruby, whose God-given name was Rubenstein, ran a few music spots before opening the Carousel right next to Abe in 1960. Ruby was a tremendous pain in the ass, bottom-feeding off the Colony's action for three years. "My relationship with Jack was bad," says Weinstein. "He threatened to kill me one week before he killed Oswald."

The pic's on sale for real cheap: $2.85 with but a few hours left to place your bids. Me, I'd like to have it just for the logo on the back -- that's the real keeper. But the guy in the photo looks ... I dunno ... familiar, maybe?

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