Meat Loaf, Well Done?

Marvin Lee Aday, graduate of the great Thomas Jefferson High School, is calling it quits. So reports The Times of London today, anyway. Says the paper, on Wednesday night the man known as Meat Loaf was performing at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle upon Tyne when, just before launching into "Paradise by the Dashboard Light," the Dallas-born singer told the audience, "I can no longer continue. This is the last show I may ever do in my life." Said one concertgoer after the abrupt finale:

“I saw a man dressed up as Meat Loaf weeping on the steps. Everyone during the gig was commenting that they thought he was plastered. He kept having emotional talks during the gig and telling stories about his children and slurring his words. He was saying things that had nothing to do with the gig.”

If Loaf's too overcooked to continue, we do have a suitable replacement in mind: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Chris Holt. --Robert Wilonsky

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