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Mercy For Animals to Spend Week Convincing Dallas to Give Up Meat (Eggs, Especially)

Looks like Chicago-based Mercy for Animals has a week's worth of Dallas events on its schedule, beginning at noon today with a go-vegetarian leafleting at the West End DART station and a meat-free lunch deal at Bliss Raw Cafe. And Friday they'll return to the West End DART stop, where Mercy for Animals "will let the public sample tasty vegan alternatives."

But it's not all bliss and freebies: Tomorrow Mercy For Animals will engage in a little performance art in front of the Albertsons at McKinney and Lemmon, tied to the sudden uptick in salmonella cases being reported and the incredible inedible egg recall. The agitprop's set to pop at noon, per the Mercy For Animals release, which promises thusly:

Donning white jumpsuits, rubber gloves and face protection masks, a "biohazard crew"' -- wielding signs with images of dead hens' rotting corpses in cages next to dirty eggs that read, "Recall All Eggs, Choose Vegan" -- will greet shoppers outside Albertson's grocery store in Dallas on Tuesday in response to the largest egg recall in recent U.S. history. The biohazard crew will be joined by members of the animal protection organization, Mercy For Animals, who will distribute emergency Vegetarian Starter Kits to the busy lunchtime crowd -- encouraging them to protect animals from abuse and their health from salmonella by adding more egg-free options to their diets.
Sounds like I need to get my HAZMAT uniform from the dry cleaners. Which reminds me.

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