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Mexicans: Well, at least their mothers love them.

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Dear Mexican: I'm getting sick and tired of all these dirty, stupid Mexicans running around. The first part is easy: As Mr. Dix says in David Copperfield when asked what to do with David, "Why, bathe him." The second part could be just as easy: Pay them to learn English. There is no damn crime in knowing two languages. If they are kids brought here illegally by their parents, pay the parents to learn English also. And don't tell me that there's no money. I HATE MEXICANS EXCEPT FOR THE GIRLS!

—Wrote My Question Via Snail Mail

Dear Gabacho: And as Dickens wrote in Martin Chuzzlewitz, "What is exaggeration to one class of minds and perceptions, is plain truth to another." I agree it's no damn crime to know two languages, so please tell your gaba raza it's OK to learn Spanish.

Why are Mexican men so attached to their mommies? My boyfriend is an only child, and his mom is loca for him. When he goes out to dinner with his parents, she never has anything to say. But if I am around, she will talk to him forever. I tried to be friends with her, but she looks like she just wants to have a civil relationship with me, not a "mother-daughter" relationship. He isn't crazy in love with his mom because he has stopped speaking to her for 10 days because of su novia and had arguments with her because of things she did against me in the past, but he is still kind of ... blind. How can I take him away from her? What else can I do besides cook and have sex (which he enjoys a lot!)?

—Confused Nuera

Dear Daughter-in-Law Confundida: It's not so much a Mexican thing as it is a Catholic culture cosa. Catholic culture teaches the male worship of moms and the dismissal of all other woman as inadequate — it's the whole Madonna/whore complex, and it's a cycle that not even the best panocha on earth can break. And as the eldest son of a wonderful mami, I say let this benevolent tyranny reign FOREVER.

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