Mexico, Mexicos--That Ain't So Bueno

The latest episode in Farmers Branch's immigration drama involved the mayor's home getting defaced by graffiti. Late Thursday or early Friday, someone spray-painted "Viva Mexico" on the side of Mayor Bob Phelps's house, the vandalism occurring just one week before the city council is set to discuss measures that would target illegal immigrants. The proposals raised by council member Tim O'Hare would penalize landowners and employers for renting to and hiring illegal immigrants, as well as declare English the suburb's official language.

City spokesman Tom Bryson told Unfair Park no one's been apprehended for the dirty deed. He also said there's "some additional character" at the end of the word "Mexico," and "the police are trying to figure out what it is." Some say it's no mysterious character, but the letter "s," which would mean the brilliant artist spelled the country as "Mexicos."

"The apparent misspelling...led some Hispanic leaders to conclude yesterday that it was spray-painted by someone who doesn't know Spanish and wants to lay blame on the Latino community," read a story in Quick . Carlos Quintanilla, a member of the League of United Latin American Citizens, said, "Obviously, Mexicans know how to spell Mexico." One would hope, though anyone who isn't Mexican and still can't spell the country's name is pretty much S.O.L. --Megan Feldman

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.