Michael Jackson, That Little Rascal

The Star-Telegram has rounded up a few folks who attended The Jacksons' three-night stopover at Texas Stadium in 1984, to which I referred yesterday. Contained therein is a story that I will spend the better part of today and the next who-knows-how-long fleshing out, if only because I've finally found the premise for the book I never knew I wanted to write: The Night Michael Jackson Slept at Spanky's House. Mitch Mitchell (no, not that one) has the scant details, courtesy George "Spanky" McFarland 's 80-year-old widow Dorothy, among them:

"He asked us to turn off the air conditioner because he was cold. He sat in a rocking chair and watched television with us, covered in an afghan," Doris McFarland said.

In July.

So many questions. A one-act, at least.

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