Mike Modano Will Drink Your Health Drink. Drink It Up! For the Right Price, Of Course.

Got a product for Mike Modano to endorse? Because, clearly, he's on the market. Last week, he was spotted looking bored to death in a new N9NE Steakhouse ad. And today comes word that the Dallas Star is shilling for a Grapevine-based "super-nutritious health drink" called VaNu, which, he says in the media release, is the reason he's playing in the NHL All-Star Game. "I am excited and honored to be chosen to participate in this year's game. I feel like I am playing at an extremely high level right now. I have really been concentrating on living a healthy lifestyle, and I credit VaNu with helping me to do that."

I also just discovered Modano makes between $15,001 and $30,000 for "Appearances, Endorsements, Speaking Engagements." I am so saving up for my re-bar mitzvah.


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