Model Watch: Dallas' Ann Cannot Roller Skate, While Arlington's Chris Can

Took us a while to get 'round to watching this week's America's Next Top Model -- something to do with bats, balls and boys in tight pants. And, there was the World Series. Anyway. Let's catch up:

Last week, Arlington's Liz ousted Dallas's Ann for the first time since the season began. Ann had five wins under her belt, and Liz was over it. This week, the win went to Arlington's Chris for absolutely acing her commercial for Tyra's fake sports water, H2T (as in, head to toe). Ann was in the bottom two (the reason why is embedded in the video on the other side) but survived because of her unusual look. Hey, at least someone from Arlington was winning something this week.

Anyway, the girls had a visit from designer Zac Posen and walked a show for his line Z Spoke, where backstage they had to deal with ego-crushing bitchiness from professional models. And for the official challenge, "noted fashion photographer" Nigel Barker directed the girls in a fake commercial for fake water in which they had to share a fake moment with a male model while wearing real roller skates -- which, honestly, must be some sort of mean producer prank.

Rather than have me tell you about the worst of it, I think you should probably just watch:

Next week: The models travel to Italy. Margherita Missoni.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.