Hey, look. It's Santiago Calatrava again.

More Calatraversity

A Friend of Unfair Park who noticed today's Santiago Calatrava posting sends word that Wikipedia has some interesting news concerning one of the architect's other bridges in Holland. Seems a few years back, Calatrava was commissioned to build three bridges in Haarlemmermeer. They opened in 2004, span the main canal of the Haarlemmermeer and are named after three string instruments: Harp, Cittern and Lute. But the Wiki entry about the bridges contains one item that may be of interest to us locals awaiting the first of our three promised Calatrava bridges:

Unfortunately, in 2006 two of those bridges' structures already displayed clear signs of corrosion.

Our Friend wonders if perhaps the Dutch had the same issues with cost and construction as Dallas is experiencing. That I can't answer: A Nexis search reveals no articles dealing with the bridges' construction, and there's only a single mention that turns up in a Google search. Says here:

Due to a construction-error the 3 bridges of Calatrava in the Haarlemmermeer are threatened by rust.

The municipality of Haarlemmermeer and the building contractor are quarrelling about the question who is the blame and who has to pay for the repair-costs.

Again, best of luck to all involved. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.