MoveOn, Michael Burgess

I always answer my office phone with some degree of trepidation. Not that I don't like bitching out publicists trying to sell me on a "summer wedding feature," because I do--and how. But I like a good old-fashioned news tip a lot better, and those are few and far between. So imagine my pleasure when angry, liberal, loose-tongued Sharon Heldenbrand found my extension this morning and told me about MoveOn.org's latest grassroots effort in Tarrant County.

Heldenbrand heads up the Fort Worth division of MoveOn's nationwide campaign against Dubya's "Reverse Robin Hood" act. The legislation makes major cuts to Medicaid and welfare funding, which, as you might imagine, pisses off many non-Dubya fans--and how. (You may know the legislation by its less incendiary name, the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, which was signed into existence in Feburary.)

If you're in the pissed-off-and-how category, you can join Heldenbrand tomorrow afternoon at 4 p.m. at the office of Republican Rep. Michael Burgess to deliver petitions and "get some ear time" with the Congressman. He's in town this week while Congress is on recess (will Kay Granger chase him around the playground after he pulls her hair?), and if my phone call with Heldenbrand is any indication, he's in for an earful. Anyone who wants contact info for Heldenbrand can e-mail me by clicking on this entry's byline. Stay tuned for the post-game tomorrow afternoon. --Andrea Grimes

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