Moving Day at DynCorp

On Monday we mentioned The New York Times' story about how an Irving-based company charged with training Afghan cops wasn't doing such a top-notch job. Well, guess DynCorp International isn't so Irving-based anymore: There's an Associated Press story from this afternoon that says the government contractor with a sex-slave scandal on its resume (c'mon, who doesn't have one of those hanging in the closet?) has actually picked up and moved its HQ to Virginia, which only makes sense since the government is kinda DynCorp's biggest client.

Turns out DynCorp actually moved last month, but didn't tell anyone—except, presumably, the 600 folks who got to stay in the Dallas area. Of course, that's but a fraction of the folks DynCorp employs around the world; says the AP, "the company said it has more than 14,000 employees in 33 countries and had revenue of nearly $2 billion in the fiscal year that ended March 31." And some of those folks are still training police in Iraq and Afghanistan, at least till May 31, 2007—when the contract runs out, at which point it'll probably be renewed again. But here's the most ominous item from the AP: "The company also has contracts to...provide temporary housing for future disaster victims in the United States.

Pardon, but...future disaster victims in the United States? What does DynCorp know we don't? Oh, yeah. Everything. --Robert Wilonsky

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