Moving Expenses, or: So That's How Much Hilton Hotels Corp. Wants to Move to Dallas.

As it turns out, the very day we were wondering what it would cost to move a Hilton Hotels regional HQ to Dallas from Farmers Branch, assistant city manager A.C. Gonzalez was sending that very info to the city council's Economic Development Committee. Here's the full memo -- and, sorry, but no, Hilton isn't moving its regional HQ to downtown after all, but a generic office building at Dallas North Parkway and Keller Springs Road.

Nonetheless, the city figures it's quite the good deal: Hilton's asking for $150,000 in moving expenses (or, more specifically, an econonic development grant), which it would get only after dropping "approximately $3,000,000 in tenant improvements and approximately $1,100,000 in business personal property." And, Hilton wouldn't be eligible for the dough till it created "a minimum of 200 jobs" by no later than April 30 of next year. The only hitch: That's 50 jobs below the Public Private Partnership Program limits set by council in April 2008, which puts the minimum at 250. It's on the council's agenda for September 23.

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