I'm gonna buy one of these official Nastia Liukin "Big Swinger Double Buckle Grips." Only, I don't know how I'll use it just yet.

Nastia's Back -- And You'd Best Make Your Travel Plans Accordingly

In case you're traveling through Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport tomorrow, be warned: Terminal B -- specifically, gate B-35 -- will be more than a little cram-packed full of media types and assorted gawkers around the 4 o'clock hour. That's because Nastia Liukin -- who, I believe, is some kind of gymnast or something? -- is going to be holding a press conference upon her return from Beijing, during which she'll be joined by father and trainer Valeri, mama Anna and agent Evan Morgenstein, who, far as I am concerned, is the estranged son of Rhoda. --Robert Wilonsky


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